Victim of Success

Civilization at Risk

Peter McManners


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ISBN: 9780955736919

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“Victim of Success should be compulsory reading for all people with influence on the future direction of society, from world leaders and policy makers to teachers and voters. The time has come to support real change.”
Sir David King,
Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
University of Oxford

“It is crucial for civilisation to re-chart its course away from the imminent 'cliff edge of collapse', as Peter McManners graphically portrays in this eye-opening book.”

“I hope this challenging work by Peter McManners makes your heart beat a little faster, as you join the same journey of thought.”
Nigel Winser
Executive Vice President
Earthwatch Institute

“I remain optimistic because I know that when people really understand the risks we are taking on behalf of the next generation, they will be willing to enter crisis mode. The current set of proposals, being worked on for the climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009, is not enough. A deal will be agreed, but it will then stifle the debate for the next decade.

By then, climate change will be hitting many countries hard, the world population will still be expanding and natural habitats will have been destroyed. We will stop, think, and try again to come up with another blueprint for the planet, but by then the problems will be much more intractable.

This book is not the blueprint to save the world. It is a call to action, a plea to open our eyes to reality and an indication of the nature of a new direction for society. The time for complacency and reassuring optimism is long past. Civilization is at risk and it is up to this generation of world leaders to take steps to protect it.”

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About the author:

Peter McManners is an expert on the relationship between society and the environment and a passionate advocate for the transition to a sustainable way of life. Few authors have such breadth of expertise, with degrees in engineering, geography and business, to tackle the complexity of sustainability.

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 Adapt and Thrive: The Sustainable Revolution, was published whilst the author was living in Finland. The Finnish newspaper Etela-Suomen Sanomat wrote of the book:

'Governments and businesses who are currently unable to see beyond the current political term/share price will oppose this book, but in twenty years they will be quoting it as the “Essential Guide for Survival”...'

Green Outcomes in the Real World
Global Forces, Local Circumstances, and Sustainable Solutions

'In this valuable and incisive book, McManners provides a coherent overview of thinking about the critical issue of sustainability in the real world. He underlines the need to adapt economics to serve society better and to reorient the paths of globalisation and growth so as to decouple our notion of progress from environmental degradation. To achieve such deep changes, he makes challenging proposals for a new balance of responsibility and partnership in world affairs. These are indeed critical issues which will determine the future of humanity in the twenty-first century.'

Martin Lees,
Secretary General, Club of Rome